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Core Return Information

After installing your American Custom exhaust, you can send us your stock mufflers and/or header pipe for a $75 core refund. Due to inventory availability of some products we may offer a larger core return and charge a higher price for the pre-made part. Touring mufflers must be from an 07 or newer model. You can check the part number in the EPA stamp to be sure the mufflers were manufactured in 07 or later. The part number will look like these: 65XXX-07, 65XXX-09, 65XXX-10A. We cannot accept mufflers that have 65XXX-95 or 65XXX-98 part numbers. If you have questions about identifying your mufflers, give us a call and we will help you out.

Please complete the orange form included in your box and return it with your stock mufflers or header. If you did not receive this form, or discarded of it in error, just be sure to include your contact information and order number so we can match your cores to your original order.

We only accept MINT CONDITION mufflers. Be sure your pipes are free of any scratches, dents, debris, blemishes or imperfections. The quality of all mufflers is at the discretion of our receiving department. Please DO NOT send them if they do not meet these conditions.



 American Custom - Core Returns

16970 San Carlos Blvd, Ste 160

PMB 152

Fort Myers, FL 33908



  • We are very thorough in our identification and inspection of core returns.
  • Pack with bubble wrap, including between the mufflers, to protect them from each other.
  • Face the mounting brackets up or away from the center of the box to prevent damage during shipment.
  • If your mufflers are determined to be less than MINT condition, we will return them to at your discretion. If you would like them back, we will ship them back to you for a charge of $25 for freight.