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American Custom's  BOMBER and BULLET Mufflers offer a wide range of sound options - from loud and rumbling to street friendly. Your customized pipes are shipped to you with the loudest sound and pre-installed with the American Custom Tone-Flex System*. If you'd like to tone it down, just attach your choice of optional, easy-to-install baffles, and, in minutes, you're on the road again. You can change your sound anytime, anywhere.

Our Bomber for Indian Mufflers come equipped with a fixed baffle system. The baffles are not adjustable. However, you will love the low, deep tone that these mufflers produce!

Sound Definitions

  • Big Deep Growl: This sound comes standard with the Tone-Flex System*. It features a throaty, deep roar that announces your ride. 
  • Mid Rumble: Add a baffle to create this sound. This medium tone still gives you that hefty rumbling sound.
  • Street Friendly: By adding this baffle option, you'll take your pipes close to your original factory sound.

To listen to the complete range of sound choices, click on the selections below: