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Slightly Blemished Mufflers

“I ordered my ‘slightly blemished’ pipes and found the flaw. I put them on and the flaw ‘disappeared’. ” -Dave in Cordova, Texas

Our “Slightly Blemished” mufflers are available to you at a significant discount from our standard mufflers. They have no issues that would effect the sound or performance of our Tone Flex slip-ons, just slight blemishes in the finish that do not meet the criteria we require for our standard sets. The “Slightly Blemished” mufflers would have surface scratches in the chrome, with no scratches through the chrome to the steel and no rust or deep gouges. While the degree of the blemishes can vary from pipe-to-pipe, the best way to describe them overall is that you will most likely notice the blems upon close inspection, but they tend to “disappear” once installed on your bike.

In this close-up photo you can see what the “slight blemishes” in the surface of the chrome would typically consist of.

The blemishes virtually dissapear from view even when viewing from just enough distance to see the entire American Custom Bomber Slip-on.
*The appearance of any discoloration in these close-up photos is only caused by low-light conditions required to capture blemishes in the image.
With the same “Slightly Blemished” muffler installed on this bike, most would be hard-pressed to see any blemishes what so ever.


These “Slightly Blemished” mufflers are the perfect solution for riders who are interested in getting our unprecedented American Custom Tone Flex sound and flexibility, at an even greater value than they’re already available for. With absolutely no drawbacks in craftsmanship or performance- you can be one of the many satisified American Custom Exhaust System owners who have taken advantage of these discounted “Slightly Blemished” mufflers.

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